River Kingdoms

“The massive Sellen River basin drains from the Lake of Mists and Veils north of Brevoy; from the massive Lake Encarthan; and from Galt, Numeria, and Ustalav. The mighty Sellen finally flows into the Inner Sea on the border of Taldor and Andoran. As the rivers pass through the hundred marshes and forests of the River Kingdoms, they carry an especially heavy freight of sin, treachery, and thievery. The River Kingdoms are where desperate men go to escape their pasts and carve out new lives.”

The River Kingdoms are a lawless realm of petty nobles and lawless banditry. Alliances are made and broken constantly, and no unifying force has ever been able to consolidate enough power to raise the area into a true nation. Bandits roam at will and small mercenary bands battle each other through the campaigning season for whatever hamlets they can conquer. Farmers are few as a result and food is valuable.

People who live in the River Kingdoms tend to be hard as nails and fiercely independent. People ascribe to the Six River Freedoms and expect others to do so as well. While it is truly a case of the strong dominating the weak, there are yet rules to be followed.

There are five significant settlements in the River Kingdoms: Daggermark, Gralton, Mivon, Pitax, and Sevenarches, though none can be called the capital of the region.

River Kingdoms

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